If You Sell New Cars...


Problem: You have a nice inventory but you have too many similar models of the same color. You want to break up the lot and create diversity without incurring a lot of extra expense.

Solution: Try mixing up the lot by adding several different types of Side Graphics. Use some that are more subtle that will appeal to the buyer that is low key, and some that are more dominant like this one. If you prefer pin-striping instead of using Side Graphics, try adding a Nameset along with it. Never use too many graphics on one vehicle, or try to dress up too many vehicles at the same time. If you do, nothing will stand out! Sometimes less is more. Graphics used selectively should increase sales and profit.


Problem: You have too many low profit "Plain Janes" on the lot and you need to build in some extra volume.

Solution: Go bold. The bigger the graphic, the more profit. Exercise caution in the style of the graphic, especially when using large graphics. Make sure that you match it to the personality of the vehicle. Is it a 2-door? An SUV? A truck? What color is it? All of this will determine who the buyer most likely will be. If a potential customer wants the vehicle but not the graphics, that's not a problem. They can easily be removed. (see "An Interesting Note" below) *


Problem: You're trying to close a deal. You added a nice graphic to the vehicle the customer wants and you're closing in on  the deal.

Solution: Don't lose money. Give your potential buyer the graphics at your cost. The price you charged on the sticker for the graphics was 3 times your cost. Therefore if you bought a $100 graphic, you should have $200 to play with as a closing tool. Had the graphics not been added, that $200 would have come off the profit of the vehicle itself.

If You Sell Used Cars...


Problem: You have a vehicle that normally should have sold but hasn't. It's been around too long and you're thinking about taking it to the auction.

Solution: Rather than wholesaling it, try either our Made to Fit or Resizable graphics. They will cost you less money overall, and your lot will look like you got a new car. Just move it to another spot on the lot and people will think it just arrived on the lot!


Problem: You have a vehicle that needs body work but you're looking at spending more than you wanted to invest in it.

Solution: Depending on the amount and position of the damage, you may be able to hide it with the right graphics. If you have hail damage, try using this graphic. It's busy enough to take your eye off any small hood damage. It may end up much less costly than having paint work done and as a bonus, your car will look different than every other dealer that has the same car in the same color!

An Interesting Note...

* We have found throughout many years of servicing dealerships, when a customer wants the vehicle on the condition that the graphics are removed, ironically it is the graphics that made him notice it in the first place. It's like putting a balloon on an antenna. He may not want the balloon, but maybe that's why he saw the car!