Product Help

When installing larger graphics such as our Resizable Graphics / Pre-sized Graphics, it is suggested to follow the steps below:

1. Using vertical strips of masking tape, “pre-position” the graphic where you think it looks best on your vehicle.

2. Make sure the graphic is laying as flat against the body as possible the entire way across. At any point, if you see the graphic pull away from the vehicle body, use more masking tape to try to get it to sit flat and then watch to see if it wants to steer up or down at that point. Release the masking at the end of the graphic and watch how it wants to flow. This is most likely how the end result will look.

3. If you are not satisfied where it is now laying, continue to re-position the graphic until it sits on your vehicle where you originally wanted it.

4. Only after taking steps 1-3 should you now remove the backing and actually apply the graphic. If you are inexperianced with installing large graphics, it is advisable to have a body shop or someone who has experiance with these types of graphics do the installation. Due to previously being in the installation business and by using two installers, we were able to quickly apply these graphics at car dealerships.